About Us

Mom Marie with daughters Bonnie and Pinkie

After more than 3 decades of dog ownership including German Shepherds, Golden Receivers and Bernese Mountain dogs, I laid eyes on a Barbet for the first time at the Pineridge Kennel Club dog show in 2015. I spent a great deal of time that day admiring this rustic, handsome breed tucking them in the back of my mind for a later date to explore further. It was not much later after this event, while helping family members look for a dog to join their life, that the Barbet showed back up front and center on my radar and our fate was sealed.

Fast forward to 2017 when a certain energetic, joyful and bossy youngster CKC/UKC CH Northrock’s Forever Yours CGN, Marie came flouncing into our lives stealing our hearts and taking our breath away!

Our three delightfully joyful Barbets are family members who live with us, sleep with us and participate in life with us here on our 25 acre hobby farm nestled just north of Grafton, ON in the rolling hills of Northumberland County. These energetic Sporting Dogs, Marie and daughters Pinkie and Bonnie, take immense pleasure practicing what comes naturally to a Barbet i.e. racing across the back pasture, nose to ground pursuing scents while exploring our woods and swimming in our pond, perhaps a Barbet’s dream come true.

Surveying action at the pond

Although seldom here at Noblespirit Barbets, when we do breed it is with a clear goal of preserving and moving this rare breed forward always keeping their unique qualities in mind. We carefully select a mate after researching well in advance to ensure we produce puppies with the best possible structure, health and of course temperament always keeping diversity at the forefront. Be sure to read our pages Litter Plans and Life in the Puppy Pen to get a glimpse into our future plans and how we raise our puppies.

Noblespirit Barbets is active in Conformation training and showing, Obedience, Rally Obedience, Agility, Barn Hunt, Scent Detection, Dock Diving, Sprinter and we wait to test for Therapeutic Paws of Canada when we can safely do so.              

Fall 2021

We are members of the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and our breed’s national club Club Barbet Canada. It is here that we find the mentorship and camaraderie of other Barbet fanciers who are interested in bettering this amazing little water dog.