Welcome to Noblespirit Barbets

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Marie flanked by daughters Pinkie and Bonnie

Thank you for your interest in Noblespirit Barbets. We are Susan and Erik Luyendyk, living just north from the beautiful Hamlet of Grafton, Ontario, amongst the rolling hills of Northumberland County. For the past 5 years we have been graciously allowed to share the lives of a Barbet trio; Sweet Marie and her daughters Pinkie and Bonnie.

This family of Barbets have such positive, bountiful and joyful energy who easily share their obvious affection for each other with both Erik and myself. This very active trio with their quirky sense of humour can be found just as easily resting at home beside a fireplace or beside your lawn chair as they can be found hunting the woods or swimming in the pond. It’s a real adventure to share our lives with them, they sure keep us on our toes!

Noblespirit Barbet Puppies

Although we have a small breeding program here at Noblespirit Barbets, it is always with a clear intent to move this breed forward keeping good diversity, sound structure and a biddable temperament at the top of our list to be carried forward to the future generation. Check out our page Life in The Puppy Pen for a closer look at how we raise our puppies.

Thank you for allowing us to share our girls with you, enjoy our website.

LOOK, up in the sky……

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