Life in the Puppy Pen – Raising Puppies

Jack/Marie litter – July 2020

Careful planning and thorough research is put into our breeding program well in advance of it occurring. We are dedicated to furthering this little gem of a breed always keeping diversity, sound structure along with temperament at the top of our list. We ensure all pertinent health testing is done and have clearances on hips and elbows.

When the pups are born it’s in a private bedroom where we spend 3 weeks together waiting for eyes and ears to open and making sure pups are on their way to being better coordinated and able to handle the next stage in their development. They, along with their mom are then moved downstairs to take part in our everyday life. It is around this time that visiting starts so the pups begin their socializing skills.

Depending on the time of year and weather permitting of course, the pups are outside at every opportunity exploring our great outdoors. They get the chance to experience outside sights, sounds and smells so they can further develop both mentally and physically.

With our previous litters we have raised our puppies using protocols recommended by Avidog, a leader in science centered information for breeders and owners. These protocols provide puppies with a strong physical and mental foundation. We make sure all pups follow a structured program that provides new stimuli on a daily basis helping to ensure all pups develop to their absolute best.

Prior to going home all the pups are vet checked, dewormed, have a microchip and pups will carry 6 weeks of free insurance. Pups will be have been temperament tested, structurally evaluated and will have had a chiropractic adjustment as required. We spend 8-9 weeks with these pups and have the opportunity to study each one, watching how they interact with their dam, their siblings, visitors and families they have the opportunity to meet. This helps us match each puppy to the most suitable home.

The pups go home with a bound booklet complete with a 3 generation pedigree of your pup, copies of all health clearances and pictures of the dam and sire, feeding guide and deworming schedule, tips on helping to transition your pup and a grooming guide with suggested grooming tool list, a 3 day supply of food, toys as a reminder of mom and their siblings to make the transition to your home as easy as possible.

Some last treasured moments together before moving onto their future lives.

All pups are CKC registered on a Non-Breeding (pet) registration. Along with fantastic pet homes, we welcome homes that want to do performance work or show their dogs in conformation.  We will support this endeavor and will work with introducing you to the world of conformation or performance showing should you need help in this direction. Expectations are the pups will be picked up at the farm as we don’t ship. Our commitment to you is lifetime, we are always available.

As Barbets are a sporting dog with built in instincts to swim and to hunt. We are very fortunate to offer this experience beginning at an early age, again weather permitting! We start our “Adventure Walks” about 5-6 weeks of age where, accompanied by their mom we cross the pasture field and over a bridge along the way to their first water introduction at our pup friendly pond. This is a big journey, it requires many hands on deck for these pups and while reactions are varied it is a guarantee every pup’s first exposure is well received by each one of these tiny French Water Dogs.

Prior to Coronovirus Covid 19 we had enjoyed our semi annual dog gatherings here on the farm. We like to try for a Spring Fling and again in the fall for a Howl-O-Ween party. However, with the pandemic we have had to put a hold on these events in 2020 and then again in 2021. But, we hold out hope we can finally have a get together at some point in 2022.