It was obvious the day Marie came home at 9 weeks she was about to turn our household upside down. This bossy little ball of attitude wrapped not only her new humans around her little paw but the resident Bernese Mountain Dogs as well. Marie; CKC/UKC CH Northrock’s Forever Yours CGN  with her joyful and positive energy had arrived and we are always grateful to Stephanie Dixon of Northrock Barbets for having had the foresight to place this little gem in our hands.

Marie with Gynny
On the dock with Thea and Gynny

There is so much to admire about Marie, she is loyal and dedicated with a flirtatious and playful attitude, she loves nothing better than a good Frisbee session. We discovered very early that Marie also has a strong work ethic, has intense focus and being a very intelligent dog, she learns quickly. She has an innate ability to observe a situation and act accordingly, I always trust her instincts. She is a very athletic female with a medium prey drive.

As a youngster, together Marie and I took up competing in the Conformation show ring and quickly accomplished 2 Champion titles at limited showing all Owner Handled. Marie gained additional points toward her GCH before venturing off to explore Barn Hunt, Dock Diving, Scent Detection and Rally-O all the while keeping therapy work in mind at Therapeutic Paws of Canada .

Using the Northrock kennel name coupled with Stephanie Dixon’s invaluable mentorship, Marie has been co-bred twice. Both times pups were born and raised with us here on the farm. Encouraged by many, we have become our own kennel and we are now Noblespirit Barbets. Having kept a pup back from each of Marie’s litters, we are very excited for the future of Noblespirit Barbets

Marie’s first litter of 6 beautiful pups sired by GCH Courailee Roi de Thule’ (Mango) was whelped on October 8, 2019. First time mom, Marie proved to be an exceptional dam that took on motherhood with the same gusto and dedication she gives all of her endeavors! It did not take long to see that Marie was going to be very comfortable in her new role and so I was happy to be her “assistant.” Five of these wee ones left the nest in early December 2019 to carry on their lives with their new people. But there had been one pup in particular that had caught our eye and Pinkie stayed with us and as it turns out she is Marie’s mini me!

Mango/Marie pups, 2019

On July 24, 2020 Marie had her second litter of another seven beautiful puppies sired by GCH Treebeard’s Jack Of All Trades (Jack). Once again Marie was an outstanding mom doting on her new litter proving she was a natural at this thing called motherhood. Her attitude was “I’ve got this, I’ll let you know if I need anything” and so for a second time I trusted her instincts completely and humbly assumed the “assistants” role yet again. All the pups left in the fall of 2020 during the global pandemic Covid 19 shutdowns to families that adore them. Once again we could not help ourselves when one pup in particular caught our eye and we welcomed Bonnie into our lives.

Jack/Marie litter 2020

And so, we patiently wait for the opportunity that Marie test for Therapeutic Paws of Canada and return to the therapy dog world that she had started prior to Covid 19, she was a natural at it. In the meantime Marie spends her days playing with and schooling her offspring reprimanding when she finds it necessary, which is seldom anymore. She and daughter Pinkie have a special bond and are often getting into trouble together with second daughter Bonnie not too far behind.

CKC/UKC CH Northrock’s Forever Yours CGN

Northrock’s All Night Boogie x CH Northrock’s Eau De Joy CGN

  • DOB: Jan 16/2017
  • CKC: EA690090
  • HIPS: OFA – BA-170G24F-VPI (GOOD)
  • Elbow: OFA- BA-EL159F24-VPI (NORMAL)
  • Eyes: OFA – BA-EYE121/24VPI
  • Chic: 137264
  • OFA

Learn more about Marie’s daughters, Pinkie and Bonnie here: